Top up funding grants

In our rapidly changing society we are motivated to do all that we can do to support and develop stronger communities. Supporting local, smaller applications is really important as they are identifying locally relevant causes which really make a difference.
In 2016
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In 2016


Asda colleagues are extremely passionate about fundraising for their local charities and good causes. We realise that there are times when extra financial support may be needed.
  • Contact your local store or home office Community Champion to see if they could potentially fundraise for your local charity or good cause. If this is something they are able to support they will be able to apply to the Asda Foundation for a top-up donation.
  • The Foundation team will review each application and apply the relevant guidelines to the application. We don’t however match fund what has been raised locally.
  • A simple but effective way of giving more for those smaller charities and good causes.

What we don't support

Political and Military groups
We are not a political company and therefore do not support politically motivated charities or military groups.
Single religious or ethnic groups
We do not donate to charities or groups that are raising funds solely to further their specific religious or ethnic values. We may however give money to community groups being led by a religious organisations.
We believe in donating money to local charity and community projects that our colleagues choose to support. Therefore, except for occasional commercial sponsorship, we do not sponsor external individuals or groups.
We do not take part in any charity advertising such as wall planners, diaries or kids activity booklets. We prefer for money to go directly to the charity and to support the people that need the money most.
The Asda Foundation has a strong preference to serve local, rather than national or charities, stores or home offices may do so but without Foundation funding.
Bag Packing/Charity Collections
The Foundation would not top-up any money raised through local group’s bag packing or charities collecting in store as we focus on money being raised by colleagues locally.
Asda’s National Charities
The Foundation would not make a contribution to money being raised for Asda’s National charities as we prefer to support the local charities and good causes, as these campaigns raise so much nationally.