Local impact funding

The Local Impact fund is to support those smaller local initiatives to help you support your community.


Below are the specific guidelines for each of the areas we support through the Local Impact Grant programme, you must fit the criteria to be able to apply all of which must be not for profit organisations.

Examples of the Local Impact Guidelines/Criteria:



This is about supporting your local community, bringing people together, supporting events which will benefit the wider community or supporting local groups with events/initiatives which will have an impact locally.

Community Carnivals/Fetes
  • Community Carnivals/Fetes are a great way of interacting and networking with your local community.
  • Making a donation to support these events means that many local charities/community groups will be able to set up their stalls free of charge and all monies raised will stay with the relevant charity/community groups.
  • We would also consider funding entertainment for these events; e.g. face painters and musicians, to make the day a special fun filled family day out helped by the Asda Foundation
Community Clean Ups (Excluding Litter Picks)
  • Many local community spaces are covered in graffiti; local school walk ways an eyesore covered in litter and unsafe.
  • By working together with community centres and local schools you could purchase materials and cleaning equipment to tidy the area - bringing the whole community together, taking pride in the area once more.
  • Local groups coming together to clean a multi-use room available to all and provide vital equipment needed to benefit all users for example a room in a youth/community centre
Community Events
  • Local residents/community groups coming together to tidy up a community garden/grow your own in a local hospice, community centre, youth club, hospital and need funds for equipment
  • Local facility needing equipment for day to day operations including items for community café, therapy room at local hospice/disability centre

Excludes fundraising events.



The Foundation not only wants to focus on the elderly at Christmas as loneliness and isolation is something that affects people throughout the year. If you are working with local elderly groups which need that extra support please see below areas the Foundation will be able to support:

  • Funding for new equipment for their facility/club
  • Computers to learn new skills
  • Local groups providing lunch/supper clubs do a great job as this may be the only time some of the attendees have company or are out of their homes.
  • Bring together a Shed start up activity in relevant areas in your community (RVS)
  • Food/Refreshments for ongoing clubs alongside new equipment
Royal Voluntary Service (RVS) - Community Sheds

Community Sheds can play a particularly important part in meeting the needs of older people, particularly older men who often feel isolated and do not feel that traditional services targeted at older people are right for them.

Royal Voluntary Service with funding from the Asda Foundation, has established a Sheds Grant Fund to provide Sheds who are looking for help with either set up or early stage development for more information please log on the their web site www.royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk or contact asdafoundation@asda.co.uk


Sporting Activities

Sport and physical activity is not only extremely beneficial for young people’s health but their personal growth, learning of teamwork and other valuable skills. Therefore investing in grass roots sport for young people plays a valuable role and strengthens community cohesion.

There so many local football, rugby, cricket, netball, dance clubs to name a few across the UK with these groups being managed by committed volunteers and funded by parents. One of the most requested areas of support the Foundation receives is around funding/support for these local groups.

Please Note: Funding is only available for Groups not Individuals
  • Relevant Sporting Kit
  • Refreshments and Equipment (balls, bats, cones, bibs etc.). As part of the overall application
  • Juniors under the age of 16
We would not consider
  • Support with Presentation Evenings
  • Marketing Materials
  • Competition or Running Costs Including qualifications


Christmas is a special time of the year however; it can in some cases be an exceptionally lonely time. The Asda Foundation would like to bring people together who might otherwise not be able to do so, combatting loneliness, dealing with disability or other similar needs.

The Christmas Grants are to support your community, by bringing those in need together, organising a lunch, party, events, activities which will really make a difference.

What we would consider funding:

Below are just a few examples of the types of areas the Christmas Grants will support. The main focus being by applying for a small donation you will be bringing people together making their Christmas special.

Remember to have a successful application the Community Champion at the store must be involved or taking part in the event.

Community Lunch for the Elderly

A local Community hall would like to bring all the local elderly people in the community together to enjoy a lovely Christmas Lunch. The store can help by providing the items for lunch, help by getting the message out so this is available to all. Working together to bring the most vulnerable some company and celebration at this time of year and also to volunteer your time at the event

Community Christmas Parties

There may be a lot of homeless people in your local area who don’t get the chance to meet other people in a warm and friendly environment. You could work with the local Church Hall/Homeless Shelter to provide not only a lovely meal but some small items that may see the group through the winter months. As many of these people will just be given a hot meal elsewhere so it would be nice to give them the whole experience of a lovely party.

We would not consider:
  • Christmas trips, Meals out, Pantomimes, Fairs etc.


  • The Charity/Local Good Cause completes the relevant Application Form (Contact the Community Champion at your local store)

Government Entity
  • Includes any Government Department, Agency or Public Body, for example a State School, University, Hospital or Council. This list is not exhaustive, so if you are in doubt, please contact the Asda Foundation Team.
Non-Government Entity
  • A Charity or Local Good Cause
  • The Application Form to be completed in full, no blank spaces – N/A must be entered where applicable.
  • Application Form to be signed and dated by the Applicant
  • GSM Comments must be entered onto the Application Form
  • Asda Community Champion to Sign and Date the Application
  • All required documentation to be included
  • To submit an application scan/email the completed form to asdafoundation@asda.co.uk or post to: Asda Foundation, Asda House, Great Wilson Street, Leeds, LS11 5AD
  • The Application will be processed within 4 weeks from receipt
  • The Application will be reviewed firstly by the Asda Foundation Senior Manager
  • The Asda Community Champion will be contacted either by phone or email with an explanation by the Asda Foundation Team
  • The Application will go to the next stage
  • The Application will then be reviewed by two Asda Foundation Trustees