Colleague hardship fund

Asda Foundation’s Colleague Hardship Fund has been set up to support Asda Colleagues (including current, recently retired or those who have left for reasons of ill health/sickness) and their immediate* family members who find themselves in significant financial hardship or at serious risk of becoming in significant financial hardship.
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A family Member is defined as: parent, brother, sister, daughter, son, husband, wife, civil partner, mother-in-law, father-in-law, daughter-in-law, son-in- law, step parents, stepchild, grandparent, and grandchild.

Colleagues can apply for funding from the Hardship Fund by completing the attached form and submitting it in accordance with the guidelines set out in this document. Please check that you meet the criteria set out below before submitting a form.

Examples of when the Colleague Hardship Fund could help

Below are examples of the type of situations that could give rise to financial needs that may be eligible for funding from the Colleague Hardship Fund. These are intended as a guide and are not exhaustive:
Colleague or family member with a serious/terminal illness therefore being unable to work for a long period of time resulting in financial difficulties.
For Example A Colleague is diagnosed with cancer and is not receiving sick pay or any other financial benefits and needs additional funds to support themselves and their family.
Travel expenses which are unaffordable to visit a seriously ill family member in the United Kingdom.
A Colleague’s son/daughter is receiving cancer treatment at a hospital and has considerable distance to travel to the hospital and the family are finding it hard to cover the costs for travel expenses and accommodation whilst also paying for the normal day to day living expenses.
A Colleague’s home is damaged due to a natural disaster (such as floods / fire) or unforeseen circumstances and is struggling to meet uninsured costs of establishing or re-establishing a habitable and safe residence.
Due to the local floods, a Colleague has no home, clothes, food etc. and is unable or struggling to afford to buy replacement items or cover the cost of temporary accommodation.
Colleague or family member passed away leaving the family struggling to pay the total cost the Colleague Hardship Fund will support to a maximum of £500 after you have looked at other areas of support (set out below “Helplines and Organisations”)
If you find yourself in significant debt and are unable to pay your mortgage or rent you must first contact your mortgage provider and landlord to firstly review your monthly payments and all other ways they can support. Other areas of government support are (set out below “Helplines and Organisations”)

Can I Apply for funding ?

The Colleague Hardship Fund is intended to help Asda colleagues who are in significant financial hardship or at serious risk of becoming in significant financial hardship. You should only apply for funding from the Colleague Hardship Fund if one of these criteria applies to your current situation.

Before applying to the Colleague Hardship Fund, you must have considered your other options and where appropriate made use of the available relevant contacts detailed below (“Helplines and Organisations”) as well as sought support from your People Manager/Line Manager.

The Colleague Hardship Fund is a discretionary fund and the trustees of the Asda Foundation have the final decision as to who may receive a payment.

Please note that if you make any seriously misleading statements (whether deliberate or accidental) at any stage during the application process, or if you knowingly withhold any information, this could make your application invalid and you could be liable to repay any funds.


What the Colleague Hardship Fund can not be used for

The list of exclusions below is used as a guide of what the Colleague Hardship Fund can not be used for and is not intended to be comprehensive. Funding from the Colleague Hardship Fund will not be available for things such as:

  • Luxury items or expenses (e.g. family holidays)
  • Routine living expenses
  • Reduced income due to a variance in your scheduled hours
  • Other personal debts such as income tax, child support, credit and debit card, tuition etc
  • Loss of or damage to your personal property that does not impact your safety, housing and ability to meet your monthly expenses
  • Financial assistance that you are not obligated to repay
  • Elective services (e.g. cosmetic procedures, fertility treatments)
  • Payment of traffic or other related fines

To apply please contact your People Service Manager at your store, depot or home office.