Green Token Giving

North, Tyneside & North Lakes
The Galleries, Washington, NE38 7NF
0191 416 3838
Our chosen local good causes
Voting ends 31.03.19
Washington Boxing Club
A group who are in need of training equipment such as gloves and mats.
Northern Hope Gymnastics Centre
An organisation who allow adults and children an opportunity to join in and learn gymnastics. The funding will go towards leoptards.
Washington Aquatics Swimming Club
The funding for the swimming club will allow them to purchase training equipment.
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How to make your vote
Visit store

Visit your local Asda store which is running the Green Token Giving Programme.

Collect a token

Once at the checkout, make sure you receive your Green Token from the cashier.

Make a vote

When leaving the store, make a vote by placing your green token into one of the three nominated slots.

Go to your store today to nominate a local charity or good cause