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Tunbridge Wells – St Phillips

London & south east


We donated

Another project used by the local community for a wide variety of events including the Winter Shelter and weekly soup kitchen. Not only do these homeless people need food and a heat they also need to keep up their hygiene. The funds will cover the shortfall to fit a shower and support items. This will also help some of the disabled users that use the centre on a weekly basis also. They were short £2,500 to complete the job now this can happen thanks to the foundation.

More donations in the London & south east

Denmead Community Association - Waterlooville


This group needs to replace the main entrance doors & 2 emergency doors. They are narrow and are struggling to get wheelchairs and buggies through and are currently non-compliant with regulations.

Light Project Peterborough - Peterborough


This group delivers a winter shelter project for the homeless and needed a minibus to help move people from the streets into community living. Since Oct 18 they have helped over 65 homeless people in a variety of different ways.