London & south east

Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre - Wembley

London & south east


We donated

This centre provides day care and various activities for vulnerable, elderly people and people who suffer from dementia or have had a stroke. The funding requested is to replace an existing minibus which is currently 14 years old with a new 9 seater with 2 spaces for wheelchairs.

More donations in the London & south east

Denmead Community Association - Waterlooville


This group needs to replace the main entrance doors & 2 emergency doors. They are narrow and are struggling to get wheelchairs and buggies through and are currently non-compliant with regulations.

Light Project Peterborough - Peterborough


This group delivers a winter shelter project for the homeless and needed a minibus to help move people from the streets into community living. Since Oct 18 they have helped over 65 homeless people in a variety of different ways.