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St Aiden’s Community Centre - Gosforth

North east


We donated

A fabulous centre which is the real hub of the community and have users from the age of 0 - 100. The store supported again their Christmas event with a grant of £300 from the foundation, however we heard they were in need of specialist lighting for the youth theatre group and other essential items so they can do more events throughout the year, a surprise grant of £5,000 should go a long way in helping them achieve this.

15th December 2017
More donations in the North east
9th January 2019

Gosforth Residents Association - Gosforth


A small hall that is the hub of the community and is used by many groups. The group needed a new heating system as the existing one is really old and was always breaking down.
21st December 2018

Waltham Forest Community Hub - Leyton


The hub provides development and support services for the local community and would like to upgrade the kitchen and will make it more user-friendly for people with disabilities. The money will also fund the car park as it is in poor condition and people in wheelchairs are struggling to get into the centre.