Salvation Army - Kingswood



We donated

Geoff the Community Champion along with Jon Store Manager and Lindsay SD for the region went along to support the Salvation Army in Kingswood at their annual get together, they offer a drop in service twice a week for the homeless and also help collate over 500 toys and 500 food parcels per year to help those in need at Christmas, they also offer advice at their drop in service. These funds should help reduce the pressure of fundraising for the group.

15th December 2017
More donations in the East
19th December 2017

Priors Estate Action Group - Bury St Edmunds


Michelle and her Store Manager Kevin went along not only to support with £1,000 for the Community Christmas get together but also to surprise the group with a donation of £10,000 from the Asda Foundation. They had recently received funding to help with refurbishments but they desperately need help with transport for the work they do with all age groups in the local community. This donation will go a long way in supporting their work.
5th December 2017

Cap - Sutton


The Asda foundation is full of surprises this year another group to receive a surprise is CAP in Sutton, London. The main work is to offer debt advice, job courses to the unemployed and also a family drop in service the £2,000 will help support with more family outings that some of us take for granted and help create lovely memories.