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Middesbrough - The Marske Centre

North east


We donated

The centre offers a wide range of community based activities. The money requested is for an electric stair lift which will take disabled people up to the ballroom where people can take part in musical keep fit classes. They also need 32 chairs, 23 tables and would like to complete works on the stage curtain.

More donations in the North east

Gosforth Residents Association - Gosforth


A small hall that is the hub of the community and is used by many groups. The group needed a new heating system as the existing one is really old and was always breaking down.

Waltham Forest Community Hub - Leyton


The hub provides development and support services for the local community and would like to upgrade the kitchen and will make it more user-friendly for people with disabilities. The money will also fund the car park as it is in poor condition and people in wheelchairs are struggling to get into the centre.