LEAP - Toryglen



We donated

Elizabeth the Community Champion and Fraser the GSM went along to a very special lunch today, it was to celebrate the volunteers that work all year round at LEAP (Lightburn Elderly Association Project), they provide a handyman service to the elderly along with Revolve the clothing store with a difference where you don’t use cash but earn points purchase items after donating items, we also have the volunteers mending some of the clothing.

They received a massive surprise donation of £8,000 from the Asda Foundation to help with more tools, travel cost and more equipment.

6th December 2017
More donations in Scotland
10th October 2018

Gareloch RDA - Dumbarton


This riding centre provides the community with facilities for the disabled.  Some of the children are unable to ride and a carriage is available as an alternative.  The group needed funding to finish off some areas such as a ramp & platform for wheelchairs users, non-slipping matting and lighting for the new arena.
12th October 2018

Golden Friendships - Clydebank


Golden Friendships provides entertainment for the disabled and elderly.  The group are needing a minibus to collect people who are isolated and wouldn’t be able to attend the activities at the centre. Another 24 people would benefit by having the bus.