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Inspire Lincs group - Boston

East midlands


We donated

Stephen the Community Champion at Boston and his GSM went along to help as usual at the local Inspire Lincs group for their Christmas get together’ This is a centre which provides a vital lifeline to Adults with learning difficulties. They are opened 5 days a week and 49 weeks per year. The store also surprised them with a ‘surprise grant’ for £2,000 to help with new costumes for their drama performances along with other essential items.

More donations in the East midlands

Centrepoint Outreach - Boston


Asda Foundation 30th Birthday Year. The group needed a van to replace their old one. The van delivers second hand donated furniture to people in need, including formerly homeless people moving out of hostels and women and children moving out of the refuge. The group will also collect donations from members of the public.

New Zealand Community Association - Derby


This association need a new heating system, works to the roof carrying out and some decoration works. They offer leisure, educational and support activities to the local community.