Coatbridge – Helping Hand Soup Kitchen



We donated

This is an annual get together funded by the Asda Foundation to celebrate all the local volunteers who help support the local foodbank and soup kitchen, they work tirelessly throughout the year to maintain support for the local vulnerable and homeless people in the area, they also received funds to help with the Christmas Day meal they provide to the homeless.

2nd December 2017
More donations in Scotland
14th December 2018

Collydean Community Centre - Glenrothes


The centre provides lots of activities and would like to upgrade the kitchen as it has grown since its launch in 2017. The monies requested will fund kitchen equipment and will offer better facilities to all users.
10th October 2018

Gareloch RDA - Dumbarton


This riding centre provides the community with facilities for the disabled.  Some of the children are unable to ride and a carriage is available as an alternative.  The group needed funding to finish off some areas such as a ramp & platform for wheelchairs users, non-slipping matting and lighting for the new arena.