Breck Road - Shrewsbury House



We pledged

Shrewsbury House are a Youth Club who work with children & young adults and they also provide a safe haven for them to go to. The money requested is to replace their existing roof which is leaking.

28th November 2017
More donations in Wales
19th December 2017

The Wallich - Llangefni


This charity covers North Wales and helps support the homeless community. The store received funds towards the Christmas event, however they do such a great job all year round that they welcomed a donation of £10,000 to help towards all year round events and essential packs provided to the homeless.
16th December 2017

Grangetown Community Concern - Cardiff Bay


This organisation brings people together from all around the area, they are also in the midst of a large scale project to restore the local pavilion where they host most of these events, and the store via the Asda Foundation supported a local and elderly event earlier in the year. The Asda Foundation thought a surprise grant of £5,000 would help ease the burden of fundraising for regular events and the pavilion. This way they can use the funds for regular events and put all their fundraising efforts in to the pavilion.