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Barking Abbey School - Dagenham

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The store via the Asda Foundation have helped fund the Christmas event run by the local school for the local elderly residents, it is great to see the young and old come together and make a really special event. The store supported with a grant of just over £600 to fund the event, however the volunteer teacher who organises the events said they would love to do more throughout the year but are financially restricted so we thought a surprise grant of £2,000 would really help them to achieve this.

15th December 2017
More donations in the London & south east
18th January 2019

Light Project Peterborough - Peterborough


This group delivers a winter shelter project for the homeless and needed a minibus to help move people from the streets into community living. Since Oct 18 they have helped over 65 homeless people in a variety of different ways.
12th December 2018

Thanet Community Development Trust - Broadstairs


The trust helps create jobs for local people and would like to transform the community centre so they can run a training kitchen. The monies approved will fund equipment for the training kitchen