Green Token Giving

Learn about the local good cause nominees in your local store
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Each year we invest over £1.4 million in over 4,000 good causes through our Green Token Giving Programme, giving back to organisations in your local area.

It’s important that we support the right people, and who better to choose local causes than the people who live in the area around our stores?


So join us in giving back, and use your green token every time you shop.

How to make your vote
Visit store

Visit your local Asda store which is running the Green Token Giving Programme.

Collect a token

Once at the checkout, make sure you receive your Green Token from the cashier.

Make a vote

When leaving the store, make a vote by placing your green token into one of the three nominated slots.

Once the votes have been counted we award each organisation with their prize

How is the money allocated?

Once voting has closed the tokens are added up determining first, second and third positions. The organisation in first place is awarded £500, whilst the organisation in second and third places receive £200 each.

How often does the programme run?

Every three months three new successful nominees are put forward for voting in Asda stores running the Green Token Giving Programme. Voting closes at the end of March, June, September and December.

Here’s some of the good causes we’ve helped throughout the UK around our stores.